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Funeral Piper for Hire

Honour Your Loved One with the Reverence of Bagpipes.

The sound of bagpipes evokes feelings of solemnity, reverence, and respect. When it comes to paying tribute to a loved one who has passed away, the timeless sound of the bagpipes can comfort the grieving and pay homage to the memory of the deceased. At Mackenzie Bagpiping, we provide funeral piper services for hire to ensure that the memory of your loved one is honoured in the most respectful way possible.

Our experienced funeral piper is trained in playing the bagpipes to evoke the emotions of sadness, love, and hope during the funeral service. We understand this is a time of grieving, and we are committed to providing compassionate and professional services to ensure that everything is done to honour the deceased’s memory.

Bagpipes in Scottish culture: Exploring significance for weddings.

At Mackenzie Bagpiping, we take pride in delivering funeral piper services that honour the memory of the deceased in the most respectful and dignified way possible. We understand the importance of this moment for family and friends, and we aim to provide comfort through the power of music.

If you’re looking to hire a professional funeral piper to pay tribute to a loved one, Mackenzie Bagpiping is here to help.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you in honouring the memory of your loved one with the reverence of bagpipes.

Our funeral piper services for hire include:

Collaborating with funeral directors, clergy, and family members to ensure the bagpipe music is suitable and respectful.

Personalised bagpipe music selection ensures that the music played is tailored to the individual being honoured.

Playing at the funeral service or wake, according to your preference.

Professional, respectful, and punctual service to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the funeral.

Willingness to learn new bagpipe music if requested.

We can provide the following:

Playing for the guests arriving at the church/chapel.

Playing for the guests departure from grave side.

Playing a Slow Air or Lament on the small pipes as the coffin is lowered (cremation).

Piping as the coffin is lowered.

Piping the coffin to the grave side (burial).

Have questions?

A bagpiper can lead or follow the funeral procession, playing traditional funeral music or any specific requests. The sound of the bagpipes can bring comfort and a sense of reverence to the mourners as they make their way to the final resting place of their loved ones.

We recommend booking a funeral piper as early as possible to ensure their availability for your desired date and time. While we can accommodate last-minute requests, booking in advance is best to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Yes, our bagpipers can perform at the funeral service and any wake or reception. We can tailor our music selections to the tone and atmosphere of each event.

Yes, specific tunes such as “Amazing Grace” and “Going Home” are commonly played at funeral services. However, we can also accommodate any specific requests for songs or pieces of music that hold special meaning for the deceased or their family.

Yes, our bagpipers can provide their services for both funeral and memorial services. We understand that each service is unique and can accommodate any special requests to ensure the music adds to the overall sentiment of the service.

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