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1. Communications between the client and Mackenzie Bagpiping will be kept on record as proof of agreement and contract.

2. All contracts are between Mackenzie Bagpiping and the client.

3. All deposits are to reserve our services for your requirements and are non-refundable. Payment will be required no later than 7 days after the deposit instruction has been issued, unless specifically agreed. Failure to comply will result in the date being made available to other clients.

4. Balances must be paid before the performance in cleared funds before, or cash on arrival. Cheques and bank transfers on the day will not be accepted unless authorised in advance.

5. In the event of a cancellation by the client, or the following fees will be charged:

More than 100 days before the performance time 0% of the remaining fee.

60 to 100 days before the performance time 50% of the remaining fee.

30 to 60 days before the performance time 75% of the remaining fee.

Within 30 days of the performance time 100% of the remaining fee.

6. No payment will be due to Mackenzie Bagpiping if the performer is unable to perform due to unforeseeable circumstances or ‘force majeure’, such as national mourning, war, fire or strike action. If it is either foreseeable or appropriate notification not given, the client will be responsible to fulfil their end of the contract as noted in the above cancellation fees (5.).

7. As with our marketing material, the default outfits are formal day-wear and formal evening-wear. Military and other options are available, but they will effect price and availability.

8. Safety and well-being of the performers must be respected. No harassment will be tolerated and will be addressed how we deem fit.

9. Equipment is not for customer use, unless previously agreed by ourselves.

10. Mackenzie Bagpiping’s Public Liability Insurance has a limit of £5,000,000. A copy of the PLI certificate can be provided as required.